GCSD Summer Bookmobile to Highlighted at NYS Regents Advisory Council on Libraries

Gananda Central School District’s (GCSD) Summer Bookmobile will be recognized in a special NYS Regents Advisory Council on Libraries event on Thursday, November 18 beginning at 10am.

The event highlights the role of school librarians in remote and hybrid instruction during the Covid-19 related school closures with a main focus on how NYS librarians are making a difference in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, Gananda school librarians Kathy Lepkowski, Caitlin Barnes, and Joy Ike, along with middle school ELA teacher April Carlett, joined together to create the GCSD Summer Bookmobile, a school library on wheels. The teachers loaded their cars with cardboard boxes, crates and laundry baskets filled with library books and took their caravan to neighborhoods around the school district a total of five times during the months of July and August. Students in grades K-12 were then able to walk, bike, or drive to the designated bookmobile location to check out books for their reading pleasure throughout the summer. Locations and times were announced via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“We wanted to give our students access to library books over the summer while many library spaces were restricted or closed due to Covid-19,” explains Kathy Lepkowski, Gananda Middle School Librarian. “By visiting a range of neighborhoods within Gananda at various times, we hoped to reach as many families in our community as possible and offer reading options to all of our students.”

The GCSD Summer Bookmobile will be presented to the Regents Advisory Council during the Family Support and Engagement segment of the event. You can register to view the event and presentation online at: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/rac/school-librarians.htm