Gananda Middle School Welcomes New Therapy Dog

Gananda Middle School is excited to welcome Florida, or Flo for short. Flo is a certified therapy dog who will be coming to the middle school twice a week with Mrs. Harrison.
A little bit about Flo:
  • She is a 9-year old black lab mix. Despite her older age, she is still pretty active!
  • The Harrison's rescued her from Joyful Rescues when she was four months old.
  • Flo loves to go for walks at the town park in Williamson, go for car rides, and meet new people.
  • Her favorite foods are chicken and cheese.
  • She gets very pushy at night until she gets her evening Milk Bone biscuit.
  • She is not fond of getting baths or getting wet in general, and she does not like having her nails trimmed.

Please note: Students should not bring her treats. She has been trained not to take food from anyone but her human. 

Welcome Flo!