Project Lead the Way Biomedical and Computer Science Students Recognized

The Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science and Computer Science Department's Annual Ceremony took place Thursday at Ruben A. Cirillo High School.

The PLTW Biomedical Science program students at Thursday’s ceremony were recognized for completing the program’s first three courses by receiving a white laboratory coat. Similarly, students in the Computer Science program received a jacket to recognize their achievements. Graduating seniors also received special graduation cords.

The PLTW Biomedical Science program and Computer Science courses engage students in real-world challenges. They work with the same tools used by professionals in hospitals, labs and in computer science-related fields. They engage in compelling, hands-on activities and work together to find solutions to problems. 

The students in both programs have worked extremely hard these past few years, and are walking away with in-demand knowledge and skills they will use for the rest of their lives on any career path they may take.

We hope the coats, jackets and cords remind these outstanding students of the proud choices they have made – and will continue to make – as they apply the skills they have gained. May they embody the essence of their given career field, and the passion to always help and do well by others.

A special thank you goes out to biomedical advisors Mrs. DeLisio and Mrs. Peterson, and computer science advisors Mr. Simpson and Mrs. Swartout.

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized!

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Students Receiving White Coats

  • Alexandra Cornell
  • Madison Dohse
  • Evangeline Jenny
  • Julianna LaDuke
  • Natalia Martyniuk
  • Maria Melnik
  • Meah Prutzman
  • Katherine Rothwell
  • Addelynne York

Students Receiving Jackets

  • Joseph Arcoraci
  • Benjamin Bettinger
  • Colleen Ginsberg
  • Ryan Haynes
  • Andrew Pitolaj
  • Noah Van Scoy
  • Lucas VerStreate
  • Gavin Woodward

Seniors Receiving PLTW Graduation Cords

  • Joseph Arcoraci
  • Gabrielle Brice
  • Madison Chatfield
  • Ryan Haynes
  • Larisa Kotok
  • Josie LaDuke
  • Julia Melnik
  • Kara Newton
  • Eisele Schachtner
  • Lucas VerStreate